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Your client might, upon entering a treatment room, respond to the sight, smell and touch of the linen and blankets. Wrinkled and worn sheets will evoke images of unsanitary and used linen. This certainly is not the first impression you want. Drape your client in luxurious, soft, clean linens that convey professionalism, luxury and an environment of health and well-being. Another nice touch is to provide two mirrors: a small one to check makeup and hair, and a full-length size to check clothing. Another aromatherapy diffuser necessity is a lubricant warmer, which keeps oil or lotion continuously warm for the entire session. I provide clients a comfortable chair to sit in when writing out checks to me, and next to this chair, I have a small table for clients to put glasses and personal items on. I keep a carafe of water, paper cups and tissues there as well. Hang a few relaxing photos and paintings, along with your massage certificates, but make sure not to create a cluttered feel. Hang curtains on your windows for a softening effect. Professionally produced posters that communicate the benefits of massage therapy will also augment your session-room environment. “By adding attractive posters, you create inviting, relaxing surroundings—a tranquil sanctuary,” explains Shoona Cook, R.M.T., creative director and owner of Fingerprintz , which sells massage posters and other products. “When a client enters your beautiful space and feels welcomed and comfortable, you have enhanced the entire massage experience. “Clients make a powerful connection between massage and health and well-being when they see poster images and messages about massage,” Cook continues. “By reinforcing the message that regular massage is an important proactive part of their health care, you have empowered clients by the experience.” I have also covered my session-room ceiling with shear, billowing blue cloth for a cozy, cloud-like feel. This softens the feel of the room and adds another relaxing element.

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